Welcome to Autumn Sun Alpacas

Thanks for selecting our farm!  We can help you find out more about the versatile, resilient and unique alpaca, and help both the new breeder and experienced farms with their next breeding or purchase.  We are involved in local fiber groups, alpaca marketing affiliations, and both national and regional alpaca associations.

We are a farm in the plains by the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, raising both huacaya ( teddy bear fiber) and suri (long dread lock fiber) alpacas.  We sell quality pet, fiber, breeding, and show alpacas as well as their fiber (wool) and alpaca products.

We love color, so we breed for all colors -- from white and fawn to brown and black to grey and appaloosa colors!  We have lots of raw fiber on hand, and we make a lot of fiber into art batts for hand-spinning as well as spin our own hand-spun yarns.

We enjoy talking about fiber and are experienced  with it
-- from making our breeding decisions with fiber in mind, judging it on the animal for show, shearing and sorting it, washing and drying in bulk, dyeing fiber, and using tumblers, pickers, carders, combs and hackles all the way to spinning, felting, and weaving.  We love dyeing our fiber and yarns (did we mention loving color?)    We spin by both drop spindles (did you know we MAKE drop spindles too?) and spinning wheel, crochet, and we are learning to knit and weave.  So, if you want to know about alpaca fiber fun, we are your guys!

We also LOVE showing our alpacas!   Hand-in-hand with our dedication to fine, elite fiber for our fiber side
of our business is our commitment to excellence in the show ring!  You will always see us at our local shows and we try really hard to attend shows even a few states away.  Nothing beats the excitement of a show and the thrill of winning a ribbon!  We go to shows as a family and the boys get involved.   We expect our alpacas to be all-around quality animals -- able to impress you in the ring as well as on the loom!

Did we mention family?  Our farm is family run -- no hired hands or managers. We know and handle each one of our over 70 alpacas on our farm.  Each alpaca is unique in personality as well as their fiber and breeding traits -- and we know them all on our farm!  Our boys interact with our alpacas too, and we love introducing fiber and alpacas to kids. We have given presentations at markets, schools, and day care centers.

We can help with the ins and outs of farm set up, alpaca care and feeding, and breedings / repro / birthing concerns.  With a family run farm you are sure we know how to DIY!  We have built fences, barns/shelters,  feeders/hay bunks, fixed just about everything (things do break a lot do not they?).  We have sheared our alpacas, given shots, trimmed toes and teeth, treated wounds and illnesses, birthed crias and weaned them, figured out reproductive problems and know the best practices for easing breeding and spit checking.  We have successfully performed many mobile and drive-by breedings -- even with a female we took to Oregon and back!  We have paca-van and use it to take our studs to other farms so their girl can relax at her own home!  

Autumn Sun Alpacas


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