Welcome to Thunder River Farm!

Welcome to Thunder River Farm in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, just south of Harrisburg in the Cumberland Valley. We raise premier suri alpacas and wooly tibetan imperial yaks.

At Thunder River Farm, you will find the highest quality animals. We have some of the industrys most desirable bloodlines. When we started, we only purchased premium bloodlines so that we could produce and raise the best quality animals. Many of our suri alpacas are champions and are producing champion offspring. Our tibetan imperial yaks are all IYAK registered.

We are involved in every aspect of the alpaca and yak industry including breeding, stud service, boarding, sales, financing, meat, fiber and clothing and accessories. Visit our farm store for a wide selection of yak and alpaca clothing and accessories.

Our goal is to help you understand the alpaca and yak businesses. If you plan to start an alpaca or yak herd, we will support you every step along the way in your new adventure and lifestyle while sharing our experience, knowledge and resources. When you purchase animals from us, we will help you with farm layout, pasture management, herd health knowledge, training, showing, birthing, medications, what products you need to get started, parasite control, harvesting the fleece, etc.

As ambassadors for the alpaca and yak industries, we are members of the Alpaca Owners Association, the Suri Network, the Alpaca Registry, the Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association, the Mid-Atlantic Alpaca Association and the International Yak Association.

Alpaca and yak farming is a lifestyle choice with benefits and opportunities for the whole family. They can add a dimension to family life that many find are missing these days. Farming is fun, relaxing and a potential source of income.

Stop by for a visit. Our alpacas and yaks are waiting to see you!

Dennis and Rosalie Watts
Thunder River Farm
Dillsburg, Pennslyvania
Dennis Watts
Rosalie Watts


We offer a wide variety of alpaca and yak yarns, raw alpaca fleece and roving. All of Thunder River Alpaca yarn, roving and raw fleece is from the alpacas that are raised in a natural environment on our farm. We feed only the finest hay and treat our alpacas only when medically necessary.

We offer a wide variety of socks, scarfs, hats, gloves, throws, felted soap, sweaters, t-shirts and childrens items.

Alpaca and yak is known for being extremely warm, lightweight and soft. What is often forgotten is that alpaca clothing is durable, comfortable and adaptable to every season. The amazing designers behind our clothing are leading the way with innovative concepts and materials that integrate and highlight the best characteristics of alpaca with other natural fibers. They continue to create cutting edge textiles and styles, crafting beautiful designs for every season. Whether you enjoy comfort and warmth during the cold winter months or durability and breath ability in the warm summer season, these alpaca wool products are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Remember...wear alpaca or yak once and you will never go back to wool!We accept Visa, Discover, American Express, Master Card and most major credit cards. PayPal is also accepted.

Thunder River Farm

Dillsburg, Pennsylvania 

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