Castle Rock Alpacas at Windrush Hill Farm

At Windrush Hill Farm, we know that the long-term future of the alpaca industry depends on quality fiber.  Because of this, our breeding program employs techniques that focus not only on producing animals that are soundly conformed and fine, but on producing fiber that is dense, and has a uniform, long staple length and tensile strength, with low medullation.  

We took our breeding program to the next level in acquiring a 1/2 interest in Sunny Mesas Pepperdyne, a true black. Peppers histogram had him coming in at 18 microns, and his TRUE BLACK offspring are 17 and 18 microns.

To advance our white alpaca lines we also acquired Xanadus P. Bravado. Bravados 2012 cria both received blue ribbons at MOPACA 2014. We have several new 2014 crias from him and all look fabulous!

We used Katana in 2013 for the first time in our breeding program and have impressive 2014 crias from him. 

Enjoy a day here, have lunch at one of Westons unique restaurants, visit the local wineries, and then come see us at our historic homestead farm! 


           Alpaca Show!!!
       Sponsored by MOPACA
       March 28 & 29, 2015!

Anyone interested in Alpacas will find the Alpaca Show at the American Royal Hale Arena an event not to be missed. We will be there with alpacas, alpaca products and all the information you need to get an understanding of this great livestock investment.
We have a great selection of alpaca products available to purchase including yarn, socks, alpaca insoles, scarves, alpaca stuffed animals, coloring books, hats and more. Give us a call, email or see us at the show.

Windrush Hill Farm


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