Poosey Ridge Alpaca Farm

Poosey Ridge Alpaca Farm

Poosey Ridge Alpaca Farm

Welcome to Poosey Ridge Alpaca Farm!

Poosey Ridge Alpaca Farm is located in central Kentucky in Richmond, about 20 miles south of Lexington. It is a small production farm located on seven acres. Colors range from white to black and bay black including various shades of fawn, brown and grey. Two boys are not registered,

but intact. The other five boys are herdsires and jr herdsires. Of the seven girls, one is a companion animal, and six are breeders, three of which have been bred and due in the Spring of 2013.

These animals are in their prime, and have been well taken care of. They can provide years of production for your farm, and if not into production, they can provide years of enjoyment.

They need to be sheared once a year, nails trimed if not monthly, a few times a year as they grow. They eat grain, and hay, and some supplements for fiber and nutrition. They need monthly shots to prevent parasites, similar to pets who get their heartguard and flea meds once a month.

My routine is about 45 min to an hour in the morning and the evening, making sure they all have grain, hay and fresh water. This is for 14 animals, so it would be different depending on how many animals you have.

If you are interested in getting to know my alpacas better, or about alpacas in general, please call. I m always ready to talk alpaca.


We have an alpaca store with raw alpaca fiber prime blankets and seconds by the pound. We also have finished products like scarves, hats, and wrist warmers for sale.

Soon we will have ounces of hand dyed alpaca fiber for needle felting projects. Give us a call!

Poosey Ridge Alpaca Farm

Richmond, KENTUCKY 

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