Alpaca on the Rocks

WEED, California  USA  
Phone: 530-859-1994

Welcome to Alpaca on the Rocks!

Welcome to Alpaca on the Rocks. We have more than alpacas here at the ranch. We have all kinds of gems in our herd!

We also have products for sale such as felted and knitted alpaca hats, soaps, scarves, unique jewelry, and other fiber arts. Something for everyone!

Our daily routine is a little rocky, but fun. The first critters who announce time for morning feeding are the mini-donkeys, Linda, Ginger and little Stormy. Amazingly loud!

Then the blue tick hounds have to join in- they want to make sure we hear the donkeys!??

So, they are serenading, which wakes up the mini-pigs. Merle and Pearl, whose first order of business is to check to make SURE that all cupboards and the fridge are securely closed. They are very thorough- And yes, they sleep in the house, and use the dog door.

The rest of the dogs: Flash, part basset and part something elseā€¦. And crazy little Norbert. Bo Diddly is half Basset and half Boxer.

And the mini-mule, Wildfire. And 5 mini-horses.

Oh, and 9 cats!

Life is good. Never a dull moment here.

Give us a call or email if you d like to visit.

Nancy Shelton
5004 Solus Drive
Weed, CA


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