Registered British White Cattle at Rolling Hills Traeger Ranch - Cattle For Sale

    Registered British White Cattle

Great value!

Price $2,450
DOB   5/ 10/ 2014
Species Cattle
Breed  British White
Category  Cow
Color  White / Black
 Height: 1000
 Weight: 52
Temperament 1     1=Very Calm, 10=Very High-Spirited
Vaccinations annual 10 way.
Owner  Rolling Hills Traeger Ranch
 Avon, MN

virgin yearlings to mature cows with calf at side and bred back. I've got a wide selection to choose from. Over 40 head available. 1950 to 2600 is the range. Calf at side the cow current price 600-1300 each.
Our herd was established in 1997 and is the oldest/longest herd in Minnesota. We have focused on 100% grassfed genetics, reducing flies using genetics, and developing a herd that is very feed efficient, and trouble free while preserving the optimal meat flavor and quality characteristic of the breed. our cattle are registered with the British White Cattle Association of America where we have been a member for over 20 years.
view our website at rhcccattle. com


4 Grand champion, 2 reserve. multiple 2000 BWCAA National Show
of 7 head 6 took grand and reserve champion placings
Grand and Reserve Cow Calf 2015 BWCAA National Show
2 cow calf pairs, grand and reserve. Grand and reserve summer heifers
Grand and Reserve Cow Calf 2016 BWCAA National Show
2 cow calf pairs, Grand and Reserve
Grand and Reserve Cow Calf 2017 BWCAA National Show
2 cow calf pairs, Grand and Reserve
Supreme Grand female, 3 grands Cow calf, Breeding Heifer, Steer 2018 BWCAA National Show
Supreme Champion female, Grand champion steer, Grand Champion cow/ calf

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