Runs with Buffalo at Smart Yak - Yak For Sale

    Runs with Buffalo

DOB   4/ 18/ 2012
Species Yak
Breed  Tibetan
Category  Bull
Color  Native Trim
Owner  Smart Yak

Runs with Buffalo is a majestic Tibetan Yak Bull here at SmartYak! This bull carries a full set of horns with perfect formation, he is a wooly (lots of fiber and passes this on to his offspring). "Buffalo" was bred by Springbrook Ranch in Montana and we purchased him from Woods Edge Wools Farm in NJ. This bull is out of the incomparable SBR Sidney (now residing with Michigan Yakkers) and by SBR Lurch. Runs with Buffalo has an easy going disposition, he is kind with his girls and even good with the calves. Buffalo is proving himself as a great herd sire in producing offspring that have correct conformation, good fiber and nice dispositions - so far he has produced Native Trim and Royal calves and so far heifer calves! Runs with Buffalo is arguably one of the best Wooly Yak Bulls on the East Coast!


SY Chumbe

SY Hans

SY Pandora


SBR Lurch 






SBR Sydney 







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