Tony Brancato ,Cherry Valley Farm at Cherry Valley Farm - Sheep For Sale

    Tony Brancato ,Cherry Valley Farm

Mouflons are wonderful ancestors to all the modern sheep breeds in the world.Ram lamb born March 27,2017 available soon to a new home.

Price $500
Species Sheep
Category  Ram Lamb
Color  Fawn
Owner  Cherry Valley Farm
 Cherry Valley, California

We raise beautiful Mouflons or European BigHorn sheep.Mouflons are a species of wild hair sheey.They are the smallest and most colorful of all the wild sheep.Ewes look like antelope,rams are awesome with huge horns,black mane,fox-red with tan and black markings.All of our Mouflons are registered and originally out of zoo stock.
We welcome visitors with appointments,lambs available with a deposit.Either gender is $500.00,which included registration papers.We are located in Riverside County,Southern California.Mouflons are disease resistant,lamb easy and the most beautiful intelligent sheep you can have.They are small and thrive on small acreage.Hardy and fairly docile Mouflons will spoil you,you will never be happy with dumb domestic sheep ever again !

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