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    Intrepid's Morticia

Morticia is a gorgeous true black female with outstanding 5th generation lineage including Snowmass Peruvian Casanova, 4Peruvian Legacy,  Fuego,  Drambuie, Angelique, and Bueno.

Price $1,500
Discount  50%
Discount Price  $750
DOB   8/ 25/ 2009
Species Alpaca
Breed  Huacaya
Category  Dam
Color  True Black
AOA 32079401
Owner  Wooden Valley Alpacas

Morticia is black, black, black! There is no doubt about the definition here. Morticia is true, ink, blue, midnight, as black as the ace of spades, and of course the fingernails and hair of her namesake - the beloved matriarch of the Addams family created by cartoonist Charles Addams.

This Morticia also has excellent lineage. Her dam Surina is a pitch black with Peruvian Bonanza, Peruvian Chocolateer, Peruvian Fuego in her lines. Morticia's sire is Snowmass Intrepid - who is really, really, really black! No tints of brown at all, anywhere to be seen. Intrepid is a Snowmass Nova son and a Snowmass Peruvian Casanova grandson with Peruvian Bueno, Peruvian Angelique, Peruvian Drambuie, 4Peruvian Legacy, and Snowmass Ruby Moonlight and NWA, LTD The Lone Ranger.

Morticia is cute as a button but more than that, she displays a soft crimpy fleece that echoes her father's high amplitude heavy cutting weight fleece. Morticia's fleece has that high sheen that we all like to see in good blacks and a lovely and silky soft handle. She is covered with fleece from the tip of her ears all the way to the ground. She is conformationally correct with a square and straight physique.

She has had two offspring to date:
WV's Princess Leia - DF female 11/6/11
WV's Misty - LSG feamle 5/15/13

With Morticia's outstanding pedigree, shiny black, black fleece, and 5th generation black lineage, she would be an excellent choice for any black or gray breeders out there!

Intrepid's Morticia
Intrepid's Morticia
Morticia's teeth
Morticia's teeth

Fiber Stats

2016 AFD:  29.2 SD:  6.0 COV:  20.5 %>30μ:  36.7
2012 AFD:  26.4 SD:  5.0 COV:  18.9 %>30μ:  17.6


Snowmass Nova's Intrepid 
Bay Black 

Snowmass Nova 
Bay Black 

Snowmass Peruvian Casanova 

Snowmass Drambuie's Kaluha 
True Black 

Snowmass Legacy's Ruby 
Light Brown 

4Peruvian Legacy 

Snowmass Ruby Moonlight 
Medium Brown / White 
Amber Surina 
Dark Brown 

Peruvian Bonanza 
Light Fawn 

Peruvian Chocolateer 
Medium Brown True Black 

PPPeruvian Brise  

DLA 382 
True Black 

Mr. Pedro 
Light Silver Grey/ Medium Brown 

332 Pita II 
Medium Silver Grey / White 

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