Miss Parfait at Bluff Breeze Farm - Alpaca For Sale

    Miss Parfait

Excellent mother and excellent disposition!

Price $4,500
DOB   5/ 20/ 2005
Species Alpaca
Breed  Suri
Category  Dam
Color  White
Temperament 2     1=Very Calm, 10=Very High-Spirited
Owner  Bluff Breeze Farm

Miss Parfait came from the excellent herd of Alpacas of Tualatin Valley. She has given us 3 very nice females, Triple Treat, by Tourbillion in 2012 and BBFAI Miss Pandora by Mont Blanc in 2013, and BBFAI Jubilee in 2014.  

Miss Parfait is a robust girl with lots of capacity to bear young.  She and her daughers have great dispositions and have given us no trouble.  

Miss Parfait is a "no brainer".  She takes care of her babies and gives us no trouble.  Experienced breeders learn to appreciate that!
Miss Parfait in Full Fleece
Miss Parfait in Full Fleece
Miss Parfait shorn
Miss Parfait shorn

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