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  Fir Meadow LLC Herbs Kat Drovdahl & Jerry Drovdahl PO Box 324 Carlsborg,  WASHINGTON 98324 USA
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Fir Meadow LLC Herbs

Welcome to Fir Meadow LLC!

We are located in Carlsborg, Washington.

Kat has her Masters Degree in Herbology, Master Herbalist (MH) designation, and is a Vitalist. Vitalism goes back to Hippocrates, which is cause oriented rather than just symptom oriented (allopathy). It is a small branch of herbalism, but a very effective one.

Kat also is a Certified Reflexologist (CR) and a Holistic Iridologist (Dipl.H.Ir.). She has completed studies in Aromatherapy (essential oils) with two different schools, is taking continuing education from a third school and has international certification in that field.

She also is a C.E.I.T which is a Certified Equine Iridology Techincian and researcher. She has several more book projects lined up. Her work is about evenly split up between human and creature herbalism and her training allows her to consult on any condition.

Kat can also assist people with their livestock -  horses, pets, exotics, reptiles, birds, poultry, ratites, bees, fish and more  to move them towards optimum wellness.


Please see our many times nationally awarded herd of LaMancha dairy goats for milk, appraisal and in the show ring. Our herd is tested annually for CAE, CL and Johness through WADDL (Wa State U) and is negative.

Kat Drovdahl

Fir Meadow LLC Herbs
Kat Drovdahl & Jerry Drovdahl
PO Box 324
Carlsborg,  WASHINGTON 98324 
Phone: 360-683-8998
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