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Alpacas of Alagaesia

Welcome to Alpacas of Alagaesia - Variety is the Spice of Life!

We are breeding for Elite fineness that lasts a lifetime. Our farm motto \"Refining fleeces one cria at a time\" simply means that every breeding is planned meeting our standards of Royal or Baby fineness with low variation between primary and secondary fibers, that also exhibit fine crimp, shiny brightness, and excellent density. We enjoy having a colorful herd that have all of these qualities.

We are extremely proud that our total average fiber diameter in our breeding females (all colors) is an impressive 21.14 with the average age being 5.94 years! Our total average males fiber diameter is also an impressive 21.18 (all colors) with an average age of 6.44 years!

Our farm also includes longwool sheep and angora rabbits. We are passionate about our fibers!!

Leann & Don Alexander
64639 US 31
Lakeville, IN 46536
574-299-9356 (home)
574-903-6831 (cell/text)


Alagaesia Fibre Shoppe and Processing


Shoppe Hours: 24/7 @
Our Farm Shoppe is currently open by appointment. I am at home working on fibery good things most every day/night so I am available most all of the time! You can take a chance and stop by but I recommend calling or texting to give me a heads up! 

Appointments can be made by calling or texting me at 574-903-6831 (cell which is best) or 574-299-9356!

I look forward to seeing you!

Alpacas of Alagaesia
Leann M Alexander
64639 US 31
Lakeville, Indiana 46536 
Phone: 574-299-9356
Cell: 574-903-6831