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  Mesquite Valley Ranch Linda Elliott 22625 S. Val Vista Drive Gilbert,  ARIZONA 85298 USA 
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Mesquite Valley Ranch

Welcome to Mesquite Valley Ranch, LLC!

An enchanting escape on the edge of the suburbs of Gilbert, AZ, Mesquite Valley Ranch Alpacas fosters a special breed of joy on the cusp of the city. Denied her desire to own a llama at a young age, the owner Linda Elliott decided to get back at her parents by raising a beautiful herd of prize- winning alpacas as an adult. Her expertise as a veterinarian gives her a special insight into the breeding and care of her animals and gives the ranch a distinct and scholarly foundation in their educational efforts. Mesquite Valley Ranch Alpacas is a suburban haven of learning, passion, and fun with these alluring animals.

Mesquite Valley Ranch is unique in that while most alpaca owners offer sales, breeding, and showing, we also offer agisting (if room is available), veterinary care, and we have started training performance on a selected few animals. Annual shearing may also be performed at our ranch by invitation. End products (yarn- natural & dyed, socks, scarves, mittens, hats, throws, etc.) are available for purchase. We currently have fiber animals, reproductive and show quality animals available for purchase.

We are willing to mentor the novice or future alpaca owner too. Give us a call!


Education is our primary service.  We will certainly sell you an alpaca, but we hope to also teach you about how to raise them, breed them, and get the most out of these wonderful animals.

As a vet, Linda is able to provide a unique training experience for your alpaca and give you additional insight into your animals. When you buy an animal you can be sure that you have a support contact for your future needs.

Mesquite Valley Ranch
Linda Elliott
22625 S. Val Vista Drive
Gilbert,  ARIZONA 85298 
Phone: 480-782-8207
Fax: 480-496-4527