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  Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum Cindy Myers 83905 N. Hwy 99  Creswell,  OREGON 97426 USA  www.humsweethum.com
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About Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum

Alpacas at Hum Sweet Hum has finally found a new home in Central Oregon's Willamette Valley in a small town of Creswell. It's been several years of searching before finding the right home for my new home and alpaca ranch. We are settling into our cute little 5 acre ranch located just south of Eugene. Finding my own property to raise my alpacas has been a dream that has finally come true.

The good thing about this dream is that the reality is even better than the fantasy of having my own little farm. There's plenty of work to be done but it's wonderful to be going out and working on my own land and see my animals right outside my window. I found an area with a great alpaca community.

It's awesome to be a member of a community that works together to build a viable and profitable alpaca industry. This web site is under construction just like the ranch so check back often to watch us grow!

I also specialize in producing fine quality alpacas that are socialized utilizing Positive Reinforcement Training (PRT) techniques resulting in animals easy to handle and enjoyable to be around. The training techniques I adapted to use with alpacas has had such success, alpaca owners have requested to learn my techniques.

Because of this growing interest, I developed workshops in PRT, I and teach a half or full day workshops to other people interested in training their alpacas with these methods.

I finally got my book completed. Alpacas Don't Do That has been in the works for years. It has been a real amazing process. It was a lot of writing, rewriting, editing, putting it away for a long time, refreshing and hacking away until I feel it is finally ready for release. This book describes how I was led to Alpacas, Clicker Training and performing Energy Work for animals. While trying to figure out how to clicker train and do my energy work on alpacas, I received a lot of life lessons. It has been a lot of fun and hard lessons a long the way and I know there will be a lot more to come thanks to these wonderful creatures.

It took awhile to be ready to release this book because it shares so much of those inner places and intimate moments I have shared with my animals. I wasn't completely sure I wanted to share with everyone but writing this blog and receiving wonderful feedback from it, I have decided that I do want to share these stories and experiences.

In Alpacas Don't Do That, Cindy Myers describes how her relationship with alpacas and other animals in her life, provided a new career path and lifestyle. She went from suburban life with steady career in engineering to owning and operating an alpaca farm. Alpacas opened up not only a new lifestyle, but Cindy developed and adapted positive reinforcement, Clicker Training methods and using Reiki to work with alpacas. While training her animals and using these techniques, her life has been transformed by her interaction with the animals that have crossed Cindy's path. This book shares those life changing lessons and stories.

Come back often to see what new workshops are being scheduled or contact me to schedule one at your ranch. It's a great way to bring folks to your ranch for marketing your business, learn a training technique that is easy for both you and your animals to do.

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