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  Kings Highway Alpacas Gary & Ellen Barlow 108 Kings Highway Middleton, New Hampshire 03887 USA  www.kingshighwayalpacas.com/
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About Kings Highway Alpacas

Welcome to Kings Highway Alpacas. We are a farm interested in helping and informing new breeders. We promise to provide these services if you purchase an alpaca from us. We will permit time payments and boarding services free of charge until you are ready to assume their care.

You will be provided with hands on teaching at our farm and can even stay overnight. We will offer a complete education in alpaca ownership which includes diet, immunity program, shearing, teeth and nails, haltering and show preparation. A complete health history will be provided on any alpaca you purchase. We will stand by to mentor and introduce you to shearers and vets that are experienced in camelid husbandry. Please feel welcome to call and set up a time to visit and meet our magnificent herd of thirty-four and growing.

Gary and Ellen Barlow
Kings Highway Alpacas
Middleton, NH

Here we are now in the eighth year with the alpacas. We have enjoyed our life of farming so much! The majestic rose grey herdsire Kings Highway Prince Harry, seen in the photos to the left both as cria and as an impressive adult, now has his own line on the ground.

Our herd has grown to over thirty and we even have two little full blooded Suri alpacas, Royal River's Lita and her son Prince Henry. That gorgeous white boy to the left is the long awaited, Kings Highway Boston Strong. He is a son of the Great Oliver of Sleeping Monk Alpaca Farm and the lovely Kings Highway Ayabaca's Lavena's Joy. He did not disappoint us as he was sparkling white with nice confirmation and a curly white fleece at his first shearing in 2013. Take a look at this phenomenal boy as he becomes a yearling. We are very hopeful that he will produce fine offspring once he is old enough. We treasure every little life that blesses our farm and we spoil our alpacas as much as we can!

We treasure every little life that blesses our farm and we spoil our alpacas as much as we can!

May 17, 2014

By: Kings Highway Alpacas-Farm Manager

Herd Health Tips and Pointers

Injections, Worming Pastes, Mites, Teeth and Nail Care

Although alpacas are undeniably adorable animals to enjoy from afar, their husbandry comes with a great deal of responsibility and care. All prospective buyers should be aware that it wont just be a simple matter of feeding and watering. They also will require worming, vaccinations as well as teeth and nail maintenance.

The absolute best time to give injections and administer a medical protocol is during shearing simply because the alpaca is firmly secured with ropes that loop around all four feet and then pulled down to the ground on their side. The idea is to get as many unpleasant tasks completed as possible for both animal and owner in one fell swoop. However since shearing only takes place once a year, typically in the month of May, other methods can be employed in order to immobilize an alpaca safely to give shots and complete other necessary tasks. One such useful item to facilitate the more challenging aspects of alpaca care is an alpaca/llama restraint chute. These provide a very useful way to secure your animals for any number of treatments and will become vital if you currently reside on a farm that has little or no assistance available. This will make it possible for one person to simply halter the alpaca and lead him or her into the chute. Two belly straps are attached in addition to padded neck restraints which will permit the handler to safely secure the animal and work on the head or feet as needed. Some models even come equipped with scales at an additional cost but can also be extremely helpful, especially for mothers and crias to check weights. These chutes are a worthwhile investment to contemplate by all means. I have provided a photo of the one in use here on this farm. This one does not have a built in scale and I wish I had paid the extra for that feature now as it can be very difficult to effectively obtain an accurate weight with an alpaca on a metal stand alone plate scale as they dance about. It can rapidly become a game of "pick a number."

Alpaca require tooth and nail maintenance and this also can be completed at the time of shearing. Yearling males need to be checked for erupting fighting teeth which are much sharper and near the back of the mouth. Have your shearer do this for you if at all possible. Most will charge a nominal fee for each animal's teeth they cut down. For the male fighting teeth, this most often only has to be done once in their lifetime. Infrequently even certain female alpaca may have lesser developed fighting teeth. I suspect this could happen because one female will become dominant over a herd, somewhat like an alpha girl. Nail trimming can also be performed while an animal is safely secured at the time of shearing. Your shearer will not have time for this task in most cases so be certain to have the proper tools and do the nail snipping at the same time as the alpaca is being sheared. They go very quickly. Professional shearers will complete a large male alpaca in about seven to eight minutes flat so don t delay and have a designated nail clipper assigned on your farm's shearing day. The more helpers you have available with specific jobs assigned beforehand, the better off you will be. In addition to the person clipping nails for you, make certain someone else is spraying feet and in between toes with a product such as Frontline . Alpaca have a tendency to develop mites if they have been standing in mud or wet areas of pastures. Frontline is a product that will keep this under control and nip it in the bud before it spreads. Accoyo alpaca with their extremely dense coats have a tendency to be more prone to mite infestation because their fleece is very thick and can remain damp over longer periods of time. Also be certain not to allow your alpaca to become wet at least twenty-four hours prior to shearing. Check the weather report updates and lock the entire herd inside the barn or whatever kind of enclosure you have available for them if it becomes necessary to do so. They will hate it but it has to be done once a year only. Otherwise your shearer will cancel. No wet alpaca! Not even slightly damp from heavy mist! This cannot be stressed enough.

Alpaca require certain subcutaneous injections and oral solutions to prevent disease. This is common place in most any type of livestock animal kept on a farm. Necessary injections can vary somewhat by region so what I am providing here is for our own herd in the Northeastern area of the United States. Be certain to check with your local veterinarian that will be assisting you with your alpacas as to what he or she recommends that you be covering in specific detail. We will administer Ivermectin every six to eight weeks. This drug is in a class known as antiparasitics and will be effective in the treatment of infections caused by roundworms and threadworms as well as many other parasitic type invaders. We also administer "Safeguard" by mouth as you can see in one of the photos attached to this article. It comes in a tube and is squeezed into the mouth. They dislike it but it is important to give at least twice a year in order to keep worms at bay. We always give it in the Spring and Fall just so we remember and keep to that schedule. Worms are not as prevalent during the cold winters here but that is strictly limited to the Northeast. We also give a CD injection and a booster once per year. The CD stands for clostridium perfringens types C and D. Some farms will give a CDT which includes tetanus. We don t do that here at Kings Highway simply because we also administer a Triple E booster annually and this injection includes the tetanus toxoid. Triple E protects against eastern region equine encephalitis and we are in a high risk location so not all farms will require this. In that case you will want to use the CDT which does cover tetanus since that will be your only access to the vaccine and it is an important one. A rabies injection booster will also be necessary once a year and this must be given by a licensed veterinarian. You wont be able to obtain this yourself unless you have the proper qualifications. Also be certain to observe your alpaca for at least a few hours after a rabies vaccinating. We had one alpaca that was allergic and went down within about two hours post injection. Luckily the vet was available to rush over and she made it. It s very rare but you may be one of those farms like us with an animal that cannot have a rabies injection safely. Last but not least, keep on hand a tube of "Equimax". This is given orally and will kill tape worm. Alpaca can pick up tape worm if they have access to grazing pasture. It isn't fatal but must be treated as soon as you notice it. I always make a point of inspecting stool carefully as I muck because you will see the tape. It looks like tiny grains of rice and you will learn to distinguish between worms and sand. Get out the Equimax when you see it.

I hope this was helpful for any new breeders out there and that I didn't bore you too terribly much. Be sure to email if you have any additional questions or comments.

Kings Highway Prince Harry, Rose Grey Alpaca Herdsire

Prince Harry's Awards:
  • NAAS 2008 Red Ribbon
  • NECC 2008 Red Ribbon
  • NAAS 2009 Blue Ribbon
  • NAAS 2010 Red Ribbon Yearling Males
  • AOBA 2009 Green Mountain Alpaca Show Red Ribbon

We have ribbon winning fleeces in a wide variety of qualities and colors too! In our farm store we also have cardigans, felted hats, fleeces, ponchos, scarves and wraps, socks, special occasion wear, sweaters, women's coats, and stuffed animals. We have something for everyone!

Come out for a visit to our farm, or check out our items online!

For your local gardening need, Kings Highway Alpacas offers both fresh and composted manure. Alpaca manure is quite beneficial for plants and will promote rapid growth being high in nutrients such as potassium, nitrogen,and phosphorus. It also goes a long ways to improving overall soil quality as it will help in retaining moisture. It is relatively easy to handle, nearly odorless to humans, and there is no worry about harming plants even when used fresh due in large part to the alpaca diet and the bean shape it will typically take. You are able to spread it out over the top of the snow and it will eventually seep into the dirt below during the next thaw. Our compost is available beginning in March, weather permitting, through the end of October. Larger pickup loads are welcome.Use the contact form below to submit your request.

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Our Vocation Vacation package includes the private rental of our 3-bedroom home, situated in the heart of Wolfeboro New Hampshire, one of New Hampshire's best places to visit. Artisans and fabulous boutiques line the bustling town, filled with restaurants for every taste and budget, water sports, just about any thing you look for in a vacation.

If you would be interested in learning alpaca farming and be part of Vocation Vacation here at Kings Highway Alpacas, please give us a call or email us to learn more about this unique opportunity!

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