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About Natures-Acres Minis

How Natures-Acres Began

As a small child, I remember going to my aunt and uncles' farms and helping them milk the cows, slop the hogs and gather the chickens eggs. Oh, how I loved being on the farm. The biggest thrill of all for me was milking the cows. I desired my whole life to have and own my very own milking cow.

Well, God intervened and changed my ideas of owning a cow. By the time I could get my first milking animal I had grandchildren. I knew that very small children could not be around a cow safely by themselves in fear of getting stepped on or kicked. I wanted something small that my grandkids could help take care of, and then, I found it, the perfect milking animal for my needs, the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat.

I began researching these adorable little animals and to my surprise they actually make excellent home milkers. They also produce the most butterfat of any normal sized goat making their milk taste and resemble cow's milk. The Nigerian Dwarfs milk also makes the best goat cheese and produces far more goat cheese with smaller amounts of milk because of the butterfat content. I was sold. I decided, I had to have one. Well, anyone who owns goats, knows, you can not have just one! So Natures-Acres herd began.

I knew that I wanted to raise my herd as natural as possible. I researched, read and studied many books and articles pertaining to natural goat care. I began experimenting with different herbs to make a wormer that would give me excellent results. After testing it and all my fecal tests coming back with no worms I knew I had found the right mix. I also will be adding other herbals to the store that I use in caring for all of my animals, naturally and holistically.

I take great pride and joy in how I care for my animals. I am truly blessed by God to have them and it is an honor to be able to share my love and knowledge of them with others.

Sales Policy

I will always be 100% honest about each animals strengths and weaknesses. No animal is perfect. They can have an EEEE 90 or above on Linear appraisal, win at every show, be a master champion, have superior Genetics in their title, have progeny that have milk stars etc. etc. etc. but none of that means that they are perfect.

I strive to breed for these qualities in each an every animal:
  • friendly, loving and affectionate personalities,
  • excellent conformation
  • Correct udders that withstand the test of time
  • correct teat placement
  • large teats with nice large open orifices
  • correct feet and legs
  • Disease resistance
Every animal I sell is tested on a yearly basis for all diseases. I also keep a closed herd. This is to ensure the health of my herd.

All goats are priced according to what I feel they are worth.

Unregistered Goats: $200 For Bucks, $250 For Does
Registered Goats: $350 on up
Bucks:$350 on up
Wethers: $75.00

I may be willing to give discounts on more than one goat. I also will give discounts for 4-H, FFA and those doing linear appraisal and on DHI Milk Testing.

I maintain the right to refuse to sell anyone a goat who I do not feel will love them or provide them with a good home. I also would rather give my goats away to someone who will care for them and love them than for all the money in the world. My goats are not just livestock to me. I put much love, value and care into my herd. Each animal is deserving of a home, where I know they will continue to receive excellent care and love. This means more to me than money.

Herd Health

The health of my animals is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me. I raise all of my animals as naturally and organically as I possibly can. I do not give my animals, man made synthetic products, chemicals, pre-made mixes, antibiotics or any such things, unless absolutely necessary.

My herd is given all natural minerals, each in their own container and left out free choice. Each week, I feed my herd my own blend of natural herbal wormer, as well as other herbal tinctures and blends. I believe in treating animals with natural remedies, made from herbs and other natural sources. Along with their wormer and herbals, they are also given Cod Liver Oil twice a week.

I also give and keep on hand Vitamin C, Vitamin A and D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex, Dolomite, Karo Syrup, Molassis, Fish Meal(which they hate), Diamond V yeast, and Baking Soda.

My herd also is tested each year for all diseases. I practice very strict bio security measures and therefore retain a closed herd, for my animals health and protection. I will never put my herds health in danger by bringing other goats on my property or by excepting back any goat, once it has left my farm.

I truly believe all most all problems, whether sicknesses or diseases, can be prevented or cured by giving proper minerals and vitamins, applying proper husbandry and herdmanship skills, and by feeding and caring for your herd as holistically and naturally as you possibly can. These have been my methods I raise my animals by and have proven extremely successful for me.

Kid Reservation Policy

Unborn kids can be reserved with a $50 non refundable deposit. Reservations will be taken on a first-deposit, first-reserve basis only. No goat will be held without a deposit. This deposit will only be refunded if the kid of your choice is not born, at which time you can choose to hold over your deposit to another kidding, or have your deposit refunded. No goats will leave my farm unless they are paid in full or make arrangements before picking them up.

Wethers will be sold for $75.00. Wethers make excellent pets. They also can be shown in 4-H and county fairs.. Wethers also can live with does with out any buckyiness, smells or fear of them breeding.

All goats are disbudded and tattooed here at Natures-Acres.

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