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  Bosque Ranch Peter and Sue Livingston 9215 North Forty Rd Atascadero, California 93422 USA
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Snowmass XXXtreme Machine

Snowmass XXXtreme Machine

Snowmass XXXtreme, Snowmass Porteus, and Snowmass Andean Joy Well known color genetics!

Price $6,800
DOB  10/29/2007
Species Alpaca
Breed  Huacaya
Category  Experienced Male
Color  Medium Brown
Owner  Bosque Ranch
 Atascadero, California
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2nd Place Halter 2010 SWRASA


Bosque's Shining Pennie
Light Brown
Inexperienced Female


Snowmass XXXtreme 

Snowmass Royal Rose 
Medium Fawn 

Peruvian Hemingway 

Snowmass Rose Pearl 

5Peruvian Harley 


Snowmass Andean Joy 

Snowmass Andean Bronze 

4Peruvian Andean Gold 

PPPeruvian Croixen 

Snowmass Legacy's Joy 

4Peruvian Legacy 

5Peruvian Ajoyani 

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